Share your story and skills with children in need on the Space Coast

Share your story

Codecrafters love to hear from folks passionate about computer science education and high tech engineering. If you can help in the classroom or you are willing to share your story, path, struggles, or simply talk about the many possibilities with computer science (which could be done through a video chat) – please volunteer (application below!).

Demo your tech

Do you love robotics, cryptography, software simulated hardware, satellites, ciphers, data analytics, or UX Design? Bring a short demo of your high tech tools and walk us through what you’ve built.

Keep us in mind

We always appreciate the opportunity to meet the people and business who understand the critical workforce

  • Join the conversation on FBInstagram, Tumblr with #codecrafter
  • Connect with teachers at your school to discuss opportunities for hosting a club at your school.
  • Be a virtual volunteer! Test A/V and screen sharing capabilities and then present for a group of learners.
  • If your company has a volunteer matching program, consider a gift to Codecraft Foundation
  • Shop online at Amazon and use Amazon Smile to benefit Codecraft Foundation.

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