We are excited to help you and or your students with access to your chosen Codecraft program. Opportunities include applying for a financial aid General Scholarship, winning a merit scholarship award through the annual Codecraft Computer Programming Competition, or winning an industry partner-designed scholarship award.

The Codecraft Foundation has a General Scholarship Fund which is open to all students eligible to attend a Codecraft program. Scholarships can only be applied to program tuition. There are only a couple of full-tuition scholarships awarded each year. Partial scholarships are also awarded; however, students or schools need to contribute to the remainder of the tuition not covered by the scholarship.

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How it Works

We are thrilled that you’ve found the Codecraft Foundation! Each year, our organization works hard to support educators like you in working to build computer science, software engineering, game development and cyber security learning opportunities in your classroom and community.

Educators interested in funding from the Codecraft Foundation can apply for Codecraft program support. For more information on Codecraft programs, please visit: