Financial Aid Application

Process & Eligibility Requirements

  1. Scholarships are intended for those in need of financial assistance due to financial hardship.
  2. Students must be planning to actively participate in a Codecraft Lab, Club or Camp program, for at least one semester.

Application Process & Requirements

  1. Applicant must fill out in entirety the online application, including a brief description of why assistance is needed and why it is important to you that your child have the opportunity to learn to code.
  2. A letter of recommendation for the student from a teacher, community member or church leader is also required.
  3. Letters of recommendation must be received before the application can be considered and should be emailed to OR alternately can be snail-mailed to:
  4. Codecraft Foundation 2428 Irwin Street, Melbourne, FL 32901
  5. Applicants will be notified via email of their scholarship status within 40 day of receipt of a completed application, on a rolling basis. All decisions shall be final.
  6. Recipients will be required to sign a participation agreement, and participate in pre- and post- surveys to help the Foundation gauge program impact.

Note: Funding will determine how many scholarships are awarded each semester.